Ethical Products

Ethical Products are products that minimize the environmental and social impact. To find products that are ethically sourced, you can look through the key values listed.

These values include:

  • A Little Something For Mama-To-Be

    Pregnancy brings it all on, so here’s a special gift that says “I get it. This will help.”

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  • Acne Care Bundle

    The acne prevention kit includes a mud and arnica mask, a speckless soap bar, and a natural loofah set (5-pcs).

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  • Hair Serum

    A 4oz. blend of natural oils to promote growth and give shine for healthy feeling, looking hair. this blend of natural oils has given results to women who suffer from both traction alopecia and post partum alopecia, while also adding to the shine of your precious crown.

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  • Absolute Balance Body Butters Kit

    An essential chakra wellness kit consisting of a body butter for each of the 7 chakras. The ultimate tool for full spectrum balance and truly fostering holistic wellness for mind-body-spirit. Deeply nourish and moisturize your physical and energetic bodies with this skin superfood full of powerful energy medicine.

Food & Drink

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eco box

Kiwi Eco Box | Zero-Waste Self-Care Kit

The perfect kit for someone who is looking to 'clean up' their beauty routine.

Typical health and beauty products are designed for disposal and contribute to a significant portion of household waste. These beautifully crafted products are made from natural materials and ingredients, and can be composted or recycled at the end of life.


These zero waste products are carefully made with organic ingredients, free of chemicals and 100% plastic-free.


Zero waste and plastic-free packaging

Our kit includes:

Inside the box you will find:

1. Organic Bamboo Qtips - pack of 100.

2. Bamboo Toothbrush.

3. Charcoal Dental Floss.

4. Konjac Sponge.

5. Wooden Hair Brush.

6. Bamboo Sanitary Reusable Menstrual Pad.

7. Set of 9 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads - comes with laundry bag.

8. Sisal Bath Back Scrubber.